Devon and Nick | Evansville Indiana Engagement Photography

Nick sat across from Devon watching her as she got her hair styled before their engagement session. (Most guys don't attend this portion of the getting ready process) Nick told Devon he took the day off because he just simply wanted to spend the day with her! How sweet is that! They joked and I learned more about their relationship. These two met in preschool, dated in middle school and are now engaged. They're from a small town in Kentucky and decided to shoot their engagement pictures close to home where they fell in love! 

The engagement session took place in Vastwood Park located in Hawesville, Kentucky.  We spend the session making our way around the lake in the heart of the park.  Each corner offered a cool new spot to shoot! These two giggled and snuggled their way through the shoot making it easy to document just how in love they were! 

Nick and Devon, I really enjoyed getting to know you both and getting a peak into where you grew up. Your love for each other shines bright in each image! Wishing you all the best as you continue to plan your wedding and start your life as husband and wife! 

Alisha White