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When my grandpa bought me a vintage film camera at a garage sale, I fell in love with the art of photography. I graduated with a degree in journalism from EIU with a emphasis in photojournalism in 2010, working as a studio manager before opening my photography business full time. Though I’ve been a wedding and portrait photographer since 2008, over the past several years my business has evolved (just like I have). I don’t just produce pretty pictures; my goal is always to help you use photography to build your brand and connect your ideal client with your “why”.

With my experience and expertise, my clients have increased their social media following, created more client engagement (including being featured by national instagram accounts), and matched their online presence to their amazing in-person client experience. This not only fills them with pride; it translates to higher sales.





I'm married to my lifelong best friend, Dakota. We got married in Jamaica in 2017 surrounded by everyone we love. We own a house on the east side of Evansville, Indiana, that doubles as our home office. We love the Evansville community, anything fresh from the farmers market and traveling frequently.


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I love to travel and make a point to do so personally and professionally on a regular basis! Photography has taken me to Greece, France, Italy and all around the US.

I’m happiest where it's sunny and the ocean is close, and I jet someplace tropical at the first sign of chilly weather. Below are the travel dates for 2019, let me know if you’d like to meet up!



Portland- July

Las Vegas- July

Paris and Positano— September
(see Fearlessly Feminine for more details!)

Nappa— October

Thailand- December/January 2020