Tori and Eric Engagement Session | Evansville Indiana Wedding Photographer

Throwback to Eric and Tori's engagement session! These two compliment each like peanut butter and jelly! They're the perfect ying to the other's yang. They're crazy about each other and have so much fun together! 

Eric and Tori, I loved having the privilege of shooting your engagement session! I love your joyful attitude and contagious laughter. 

I'm happy to share Tori and Eric's story. Check out how they met, how Eric proposed and lots of stuff in between.  

  • How did you two meet? Give us the dirty details! Who, what, when, where, and why?

Of all places, of course we met in the gym. I wasn't actually working out, I was doing wall-sits while eating Taco Tierra while one of my friends finished up her workout. And Eric, being the gentleman that he is, asked me "Are you still using the cable machine?" and me, being the sassy girl I am, replied, "Does it look like i'm using the cable machine, i'm eating." I originally tried to get my friend to like him, but after a weeks worth of 3 hour long nights at the gym I realized I wanted Eric all to myself. One night he let me drive his truck (what?!) and we've been obsessed with each other ever since!

  • When did you know they were the one? Was there a specific moment or something specific they did?

I feel like I knew Eric was the one after only a few weeks of knowing him, and quite literally a few days after we were "official". After our first date I told all my friends I was going to marry him. He would always say "Oh you love me, don't you?" before we really ever said it out loud. One day we were being silly and all of the sudden I almost said "I love you" and I had to stop myself from sounding like a crazy obsessed person saying I love you a week into our relationship! He said it first like two days later.

  • Tell us about the proposal! Did you see it coming? How long were you planning it? How did you fee? Nervous? Excited? Freaking out?!

We had plans to go to the fantasy of lights and I almost ruined it about five times. He suggested we go for a carriage ride through the lights. Of course i'm the first to say, "Oh let's just drive through, it's not a big deal." Eric had to play it off cool and be like, "Oh no, I promised you a carriage ride and you're getting one." โ€œOkay fine. But since we have to wait can you take me to a gas station so I can go to the bathroom?" You should have seen the look of terror on his face as he's like "Seriously Tori?" "Yes Seriously" So we drive 10 minutes away, I take forever, finally make it back to the truck. When we get back to the Fantasy of Lights he goes to check on our progress in line, comes back a few minutes later to tell me that six people left so SURPRISE we're up next... We go stand in line and cue absolute panic on my part. I start nervous sweating and shaking. We get in the carriage and I Cannot. Shut. Up. As this amazing man tries to start this perfect speech about why he wants to marry me Iโ€™m still panicking. I finally get my life together and remember how to just nod and say uhhuh and that handsome man asked me to be his wife. Bingo!

  • What are the top three things you like to do as a couple?

Really, we're 100 years old. We love to stay home and just watch TV and cuddle. We love to do anything outside- four wheeler riding, gardening, playing on the farm. We love date nights! We're both always so busy it's great to just connect after a long week and eat yummy food.

  • What is one thing you love most about each other?

Tori- I love Eric's self motivation and drive. He is the hardest worker i've ever seen! I can't imagine doing all the things he does in a day.

Eric- Tori is the most caring person I know and she always puts my happiness above her own. She is silly and sexy all in one lil package.

  • If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does.

Tori - I love to listen to Eric talk on the phone because he says the most random things! He always says "10-4" and "and stuff" probably 100 times. He also asks people to repeat things and doesn't listen when they do.

Eric- She is always jumping on me and asking me to carry her as soon as I get home from work. She also refuses to walk in the grocery store and will only ride on the cart no matter how many funny looks she gets.

Alisha White