Say yes to the Unplugged Wedding | Evansville Indiana Wedding Photographer

Let’s set the scene:

It’s your wedding day and everything is perfect; you look gorgeous, the guests are anxiously awaiting your entrance, and the bridesmaids are scurrying to get your train placed just right so you can take your walk down the aisle.  This is the moment. You take your first steps toward your soon-to-be husband and then you see it: the glow of an iPhone in your face and the unassuming guest standing right smack dab in front of you, trying to get a perfect shot.

I’ve just described an all too common scenario in our technology obsessed age. So what’s the cure? How do you make sure that your day remains yours

The Unplugged Wedding.

1. The cell phone free atmosphere creates connection. One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn who says “wherever you are, be there.”  If your guests are hiding behind their electronics, heads stuck in screens, they aren’t going to be able to fully experience the ceremony. Having an unplugged wedding creates a really special connection between the bride and groom and their guests, especially since an entire group of people being cell phone free isn’t something you normally encounter! It allows everyone to be entirely in the moment, which is exactly what you’ll want for your big day.

2. You hired one photographer- no need for more! The face of a bride when she is walking down the aisle toward her groom is not something you can recapture. There are so many moments during the ceremony that you’ll want your photographer to grab and if someone with a flip phone steps in front of you to take a picture, the shot is ruined! I’ve seen parents that are so excited to capture their kid’s day, but are unable to truly enjoy it because they’re too busy trying to use their point and shoot cameras.  Going unplugged gives you the stage and clears the way for those special moments.

3. You get to decide The Big Reveal. It’s really important to set your standard with your wedding party even before the ceremony. It’s always a big concern that somebody is going to get really excited and post to social media too soon. Friends and family who haven’t made it to the ceremony yet are seeing the bride getting ready or the groom sees her before she’s even walked down the aisle! An unplugged wedding eliminates some of that pressure and allows the couple control over when those big moments are revealed.

4. Telling your guests that you want to go unplugged is simple. You may think it would be hard to get a group of people to put down their phones and cameras, but I’ve seen several couples work it into the wedding in subtle and effective ways. You could put it on a sign as the guests walk in, stick it beside the guestbook or request it in the program! I’ve also seen officiants work it into the welcome by gently reminding the guests that the couple wants everyone to enjoy this day with them and they can do that by keeping their cell phones turned off. 

5. You get to decide how unplugged you want to be! There are definitely varying levels of an unplugged wedding. My personal preference is ceremony only, keeping that part sacred. The reception is a time for partying and letting loose, so a lot of couples ask their guests to use a special Instagram hash tag and post during that time. I think you’ll get much more cooperation from your family and friends if they know they can “plug back in” during the party!

It’s your day. Get unplugged and make the most of it!


Alisha White