Birthday Letter to my fiancé | Evansville indiana photographer

Dear Dakota, 
Happy 28th Birthday. 

Sometimes at night when you’ve asked me to go to bed early, I secretly stay up and listen to you sleep and in those peaceful moments sometimes I write you notes about all the reasons its a privilege to love you and proudly call you mine. 

I love the way you wake up happy everyday, with you things are always brand new. 

You force me to be silly. Most days I’m going in a million different directions and you insist on making life fun. Thank you for the dance parties, your love of cars that give me wind blown hair and for making sure I know we’ll never out grow you chasing me through the house.

I love how your eyes sparkle when you have a secret or when your mom bakes chocolate chip cookies. And the way puppies instantly make you melt.

You always love me a little extra on the days I feel sad and your deep voice makes me feel calm when life feels heavy.  

Did you know I’ve loved your for more than half your life? You kissed me for the first time about 14 years ago at my birthday party and I counted my lucky stars that night and many nights since. 

Happy Birthday, Bear.  You make me so happy.



Alisha White