JoBeth and Jake | Kentucky Lake Engagement Photography

JoBeth and Jake held hands as they and Tank, their adorable service dog, made their way down the winding pathways at Kentucky Lake. Jake made JoBeth giggle with every different pose, and their love definitely shone through in their pictures. JoBeth told me before the session, "Jake has the ability to make me feel like the prettiest girl in the world. I never knew true love, till this man." As soon as I read that about them I completely melted and couldn't wait to shoot their engagement session!

We shot JoBeth and Jake's photos at Kentucky Lake, and it was an absolutely perfect evening! The sun glistened on the water as we watched sailboats go past, and JoBeth and Jake beamed with such pure love for one other, resulting in amazingly beautiful photos! They love to spend their free time at the lake house, so it was definitely appropriate that we held the session in their favorite spot!

JoBeth and Jake, I loved shooting your engagement session, an getting to know you both (and Tank!) a little bit better! I can't wait to show you the rest of your photos, and I'm so excited for your wedding!

Alisha White