What Goes in My Camera Bag? | Evansville Indiana Photographer

I’m a natural light photographer, I love gorgeous light. However, this means I have a lot of necessary equipment that I need to take along with me, as opposed to having it all readily available in my studio.

Kelly Moore Bag does an amazing job with camera bags. The organization is perfect, it fits everything I need for a session. One of my favorite things about the bag, is its customizable feature, allowing me to take out or add dividers depending on what cameras or lenses I need for that particular shoot. There are also plenty of zipper pouches both on the inside and outside of the bag, leaving plenty of room for memory cards, lipstick and my cell phone.

These are my must-have items for any shoot. Between me and my assistant, we bring along all of these things in our backpacks:

  1. Memory Cards and More Memory Cards!

    1. I always bring more than I need, because you never know when a card could malfunction or if a shoot lasts longer than planned. It’s always best to be prepared. :)

  2. Lipstick

    1.  Because makeup has a tendency to wear off in the sun and having a backup option for a client comes in handy (I also bring the alcohol to clean it).

  3. Bug spray

    1. Because bugs are not friends.

  4. Norwex Cloth

    1. To clean the lenses or for any spills

  5. Water Bottle

    1. Super important to keep hydrated when photographing outdoors, especially in the summer! Water is a must.

  6. 50mm len

  7. 35mm len

  8. Mark II

  9. 5DSR

  10. Mark II

  11. 85mm

  12. 40mm

  13. 70-200mm len

  14. Cell Phone

    1. To bring up clients’ Pinterest Boards and keep track of time

  15. Hand Sanitizer

    1. You never know where you may end up when photographing outdoors; it’s always best to play it safe and keep it clean!

These items are always on shoot, but not in the camera bag:

  1. Reflector

  2. Extra Shoes

  3. Snacks & Drinks

  4. Positive Attitude
Alisha White