Friday Introduction | Evansville Indiana Photographer


For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet here’s a #fridayintroduction: I’m Alisha, the mover-and-shaker behind Alisha Sims Photography and Fearlessly Feminine. I'm a dreamer of big dreams, a believer in hard work, a goal digger and an advocate of self-love.

I'm a habitual over-dresser because I believe pretty high heels are meant to be worn and getting up in the morning is a reason to celebrate. I love brides that turn into friends and grabbing drinks with the tribe of lady-bosses I'm privileged to call pals.  

My heart beats for hot yoga and I feel encouraged as I find new ways to manage all the stress and excitement that comes with being in my 20’s. I love trolling Zillow for the perfect house and wish I could just live in an Anthropologie catalog. I swoon for fancy cocktails and sweet wine.

I live downtown in the arts district with my fiance Dakota. We love our Evansville community, anything fresh from the farmers market and traveling frequently! We’ll never get enough of St. Thomas and are over-the-moon excited to get married there next year! We take great pride in our Miniature Golden Retriever, Inara and our deep rooted love of sci-fi.

I love documenting love in all its forms.


Alisha White