Kelsey and Jared Wedding | Newburgh Indiana Wedding Photographer

Jared’s pictures popped up on Kelsey’s Facebook while he was hiking the Appalachian trail. She followed along during his journey and Jared couldn’t help but notice the lovely girl with the bright blue eyes liking his posts.  Once he got home, they had their first date and Kelsey and Jared have been going on adventures together even since!    


The first day of May was sunny with rolling clouds, perfect for an intimate ceremony at God’s Garden in Newburgh. The couple celebrated surrounded by all the people they love most!  The reception included happy tears, sweet speeches and a heartfelt surprise for the groom.  Kelsey recorded and sang their first dance song to Jared.  Everyone could tell by the smile on his face when she sang  “Home” that he knew she meant all the words as if they were her own.   


Kelsey and Jared, I’ve loved getting to know both of you.  Documenting your first day as husband and wife was an honor.  That happiness you share is contagious to everyone around you.  Warm wishes as you start your life as husband and wife!