Ashley and Korey Couples Session | Salt Lake City Utah

I met Ashley and Korey through a mutual friend of Dakota and mine. Ashley let me borrow her very stylish ski googles during our trip (I looked like a babe of a snow bunny!). Korey and Ashley are sweet, welcoming, and genuine. Ashley designs wedding dresses, among other things, so we hit it off instantly and went straight into talk about fashion and the wedding industry! She does a stunning job!  

It was my first time visiting Utah, which was beautiful! So, as a fellow photographer, Korey helped me pick the locations for the shoot. I'm so glad because they turned out like a dream!  

Ashley and Korey, I'm so glad Jared introduced us! It was so much fun getting to know both of you. You're such a fun couple. I hope our paths cross again!  

  • How did you two meet? Give us the dirty details! Who, what, when, where, and why?

Even though we had both attended the same high school, we never officially met until the day of our mutual friend's wedding - which happened to be the weekend after we both graduated from undergrad. Ashley was a bridesmaid, and Korey was an usher. Casual evening conversation at the reception led to Korey mustering up the courage to ask for my phone number. The rest was just meant to be.

  • When did you know he/she was the one? Was there a specific moment or something specific he/she did?

Ashley - There are so many moments that collectively added together. One that stands out is our first camping trip to Escalante in southern Utah. It was car camping, to break me in easily [I'd never camped before]. In that three day weekend, we experienced a mini flash flood, hiking in the rain to a waterfall, sleeping very uncomfortably, seeing shooting stars for the first time, primitive like cooking, lots of coffee and beer, hiking down a canyon wash seemingly lost after 4 hours of not seeing a single soul [ends up we were on trail the whole time; total hike was 9 hours], driving over a narrow strip of land with canyons on both sides, and learning how much one can appreciate water, restroom facilities and food. In those three days we experienced so many highs and lows, trials and joys. There is no other person I could see myself doing life with after that.

Korey - I knew fairly quickly (within the first two months) that we had something special. Trust had always been an issue for me in the past, and I knew almost immediately that it would never be an issue with Ashley. Only two months after we started dating, Ashley helped me move across country to Utah for grad school. We spent my first few days in Salt Lake City unpacking, exploring the city, and taking in the mountain views. When it came time for me to drop Ashley off at the airport I realized just how much I loved her. During the next few months, I was balancing the workload of grad school with late night phone calls to Ashley from 1,500 miles away. It all just felt so easy and right. By the time she came back to Salt Lake City in the fall, I knew she was the one.

  • What is one thing you love most about each other?

Ashley - his supportiveness
Korey - her compassion
Both - the ability to make one another laugh


  • If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does.

Where do we start? lol We make an unnecessary amount of cheesy jokes, often at the same time. Which is creepy, but we've embraced it by now.


What are the top three things you like to do as a couple?

1. sharing coffee in the morning
2 . travel
3. hiking

  • What was your favorite part of your first year of marriage?
    Learning how to communicate better and show appreciation towards one another