Sunshine Juice November Challenge | Alisha Sims Photography

I work best with an accountability partner;, it's why I hire a trainer and why I'm a member of the Sunshine Juice Monthly Challenges. October provided the accountability I needed, along with recipe ideas, and I knew I was getting the nutrients I needed with my daily Sunshine Juice! The delivery service was a breeze, and I highly recommend going with the cooler option (it keeps the juice fresh even if i'm not home to get it immediately)! With the private health coaching, meal plans and accountability, I know I'll be looking and feeling my best during my engagement session in a few weeks!  

Join me in November for the November Challenge Group. Susan Browning of Refreshing Lives will lead the November group, and I couldn't be more excited. I took a look at the pdf she provided, and I can tell we're kicking it up to the next level this month. I'm up for the challenge!  You can sign up here

Alisha White