How I found out a Wedding Planner is a Non-Negotiable | Evansville Indiana Wedding Photographer

As you all know, I'm a wedding photographer (obviously). I attend weddings half the weekends of each year, so I've basically seen it all and feel confident I can problem solve like a boss. All of this led me to believe I could just plan this whole wedding shindig all on my own. WRONG. I treat myself second rate in comparison to my clients; I needed to hire someone to love on me like I love on my clients because pretending I'm going to treat myself as well as Jamie treats me is just comical. I have three albums I've never printed of Dakota and myself to prove that I just don't make time for myself.  

So let me introduce to you my saving grace: Jamie of DayLily Events. She's providing us with full service wedding planning, which means I can relax, sit back and know that my dream day is being thoroughly researched, planned and perfected. The bulk of the stress of the wedding planning process has been eliminated. Jamie is just as enthusiastic about my wedding as I am.  

Next month, Dakota and I head to St. Thomas for a variety of pre-wedding meetings, all set up by Jamie, with the best vendors the island can offer. I'm excited and looking forward to not only meeting the vendors, but knowing I'll also have time to relax with my honey. Thank goodness for a lifetime friend and a fabulous wedding planner rolled into one!

So, if you are stressed out about planning your own amazing nuptials, don't hesitate to contact Jamie. I promise that she'll take care of you, too!