Get the photo. Get the job. | Evansville Photography

I'm so excited to show you all the new headshot Shayla chose to use to apply for all her upcoming jobs!  She's so beautiful and I really enjoyed working with her!  After her session I asked her to talk a little about the reason professional images are so important to her, this girl really knows what she's talking about! 

Working as a professional actress has taught me a lot of lessons; some I’ll share and some I’ll keep to myself!  But one of the most important things I’ve learned is this: your photos are your first impression.  You can’t get an audition without sending in a headshot first.  And I think that translates to any profession that requires marketing and selling your brand to others, which, let’s face it, is almost every single career in the age of social media! Nothing makes a better first impression than a great photograph. 

So, what are people looking for? 

First, quality, quality, quality. Regardless if they want to or not, people are going to assume things about you based on the quality of your photograph. Do you know what you’re doing? How savvy is your business? How seriously do you take your craft? How much have you invested in creating a successful career? All of these things are going to be absorbed by the person looking at your image, based only on the quality of your photo. If you have a less-than-stellar quality picture, the person looking may assume you’re a novice. It’s awesome that your cousin just got an expensive camera and understands lighting basics, but please don’t let her do your shots! Invest in your photos and people will invest in you.

Secondly, they are looking into your eyes.  In theatre, it’s all about the eyes, baby.  Our eyes tell our story.  Make sure you pick a shot that says something about you.  Find a photographer whose images tell a story.  Have fun with it.  Stock images are great, but no one really cares about cookie cutter pictures.  You are selling you.  People will buy into your product, service or talent because they want to buy into you.  You are completely unique, even if you are offering something that a hundred other people in your town are offering.  Your photo can show that. Tyra wasn’t lying, girl.  You better work it. 

And lastly, do your research. Find a photographer whose style matches yours. Are you dark, mysterious and edgy?  Well, find someone who has that in their portfolio.  Are you lighter, sweet, and carefree?  There’s a photographer out there for that, too.  Don’t let the initial investment of a good photographer scare you off.  Their talent is going to serve you far better than someone who doesn’t have the skill set and capability to deliver premium images.  Get your hair and makeup done, find an outfit that represents you, put yourself in good hands, and get that photo. You won’t regret it.