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The photographer and mover-and-shaker behind Alisha Sims Photography and Fearlessly Feminine. 

I'm here to diary your breath-taking love in all its forms.  The sweet intimate love between two people. The self love you see when a woman really feels good in her own skin. And the love you see in families when they're celebrating something as joyful as a wedding or as precious as a birth.  I'm all about connected, modern and oh-so-fun images that vividly tell your love story.  

I wish I could live in an Anthropologie catalog. It brings me a giggle fit of joy every time Siri addresses me as princess. I'm a habitual over dresser because I believe pretty high heels are meant to be worn and getting up in the morning is a reason to celebrate. I love brides that turn into friends, grabbing drinks with the tribe of lady-bosses i'm privileged to call pals and shopping, ohhhh I really love shopping.  

I live downtown Evansville with my main squeeze, Dakota. We love the downtown community, anything fresh from the farmers market and traveling frequently. We'll never get enough of St. Thomas, and in my heart I wish I was always on island time.   I met Dakota at an Easter egg hunt when I was two and he's been making appearances in my life ever since.  We're the very proud parents of a miniature golden retriever named Inara. Firefly anyone? (We were super into scifi in high school) Who am I kidding, we're still really into scifi.  

I'm blessed to wake up everyday to a job I'm passionate about and a life I love and can't get enough of!  I'm a dreamer of big dreams, a believer in hard work, a goal digger and an advocate of self love. 

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