Why you should post Instagram stories for your business regularly (and some ideas to get you started)

One of the best ways we can grow our businesses is by making authentic connections with clients and customers.

If a customer feels like they can connect with who we are as a business and understand our “why,” they are not only more invested in our brands but also our success.

So, how do we authentically engage with our customers while also staying on brand? One of the best tools I’ve found is by posting to Instagram stories -- and not just once or twice a week.

Instagram stories are a goldmine of opportunity to give your customers a glimpse into how your rockin’ business works. Gone are the days of clients not wanting to know how the proverbial “sausage” is made -- they want to see the faces, the sweat, the hustle, and the fun behind the brands and products they’ve come to know and love.

So, what are some ways you can up your Insta story game? Here are a few ideas to authentically engage with your customers through your stories:

  1. Behind the scenes: So, you’ve got an on location photo shoot/ big event/ workshop/ cool project coming up that showcases a huge part of what your business is all about. You can use your Instagram stories to post updates, thoughts, check-ins, and other cool information to give your followers a look into what it takes to do what you do. And it doesn’t have to be a live-coverage experience -- a few posts of your team, a couple of videos showing you work making a product, or a snippet of a speech at the workshop you attended followed by some thoughts is more than enough. I also love using my Instagram posts like these to drive people to follow along with the stories I have coming up!


2. Highlight a new product: Let’s say you get a new shipment in of products that you want to give your followers a sneak preview of. Insta stories is a great way to alert your loyal customers of the newest items they can check out and learn more about why you, as the business owner, connected with them. These could also be great for sale items too or alert clients to deals on products you’re looking to get off the shelves.

3. Start a poll: Ask your followers to engage with your business by polling them to see what kinds of products or services they prefer! Your customers opinions are important and giving them another outlet to connect with you will make them feel valued. To the right you can find a poll I did for Enjole Interiors asking their customers what kind of content they wanted to see more of.

4. Go Live!: If you have an exciting announcement to make or a giveaway opportunity for your customers, think about going live from your Instagram stories! It may seem scary, but your followers want to see you as you are and going live can be a cool way to see you unfiltered, and a way for your followers to engage with you in real time.

5. Show off your badass team: Whether you're a two-woman show or a multi-tiered team, introducing your crew is BIG! They are some of your best brand ambassadors, as people who are invested in the success of your business and vision. Giving them a platform to share what they do, why they work for you, and how they make it all happen can give your followers a better perspective on why your business is something they should continue investing in. Below are some recent stories from The Diamond Galleria. We’ve recently been sharing a series of all their employees so their customers can get to know them better!


I know posting to stories regularly can feel overwhelming but it’s important and great way to be constantly engaging with your customers!

Keep Hustlin!

Alisha White