Chase and Judy Wedding Reception | Evansville Indiana Wedding Photography

I walked into the wedding reception and Judy was beaming with joy, which is pretty much her natural state. I noticed Chase on the other side of the room quietly watching his wife and peacefully mingling with family. That man is always looking her way with eyes full of love! 

Since the wedding in December, Judy had cut her hair and picked out the most beautiful reception dress, which made me totally excited to get some more really amazing wedding photos! We headed out to take pictures in front of the historic Grey Hound Station, and I couldn't help but think these two looked like a beautiful vintage postcard-- up-cycled extra stylish! My favorite thing about these two is their love and flare! 

After toasts, first dances and a nibble of cake the dance floor opened up! When the music tempo picked up, Chase instantly spun Judy around making her laugh in a way that made the room light up! Dancing is Judy's jam and Chase matches her step for step! These two are the perfect balance like the the sun and moon or the ocean and the shore! 

To the new Mr. and Mrs. Savage, Thanks for letting me share in year of wedding festivities! Its been so much fun! 

Mr. and Mrs. Savage gave an incredibly touching toast to married couple! Celebrating your only son's marriage calls for tears, cheers and so much love!